Steve Spear has worked for our firm for several years in courtroom presentations.  I can honestly say, that after 43 years of practice, that the skills he brings to the courtroom have changed the way I practice law. Without Steve, the impact that our case would have on the jury would be very different. Steve allows our case to be “alive” and presented in a way that the jury is captivated.  We would never try a case without Steve Spear on board.

Jim Huegli
Huegli Fraser PC

Your Courtroom Advantage 

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  Spear Litigation Technology and Steve Spear have become a valuable member of our trial team.  Steve and his team have worked with us on several trials to verdict. Steve has also been invaluable in working cases up before trial.  I am consistently impressed with the level of service, technology and expertise we receive. Recently, Steve travelled with us to rural Oregon for a 4 week trial, and was indispensable during the course of that trial. Steve has always been ready for me on a moments notice. I don’t hesitate to recommend Steve, whatever your technology needs are for trial presentation.  He really can do it all! 

Tom D'Amore

D'Amore Law Group