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Steve Spear has over 16 years of experience in litigation technology and has assisted in over 200 trials. He excels at trial presentation, document management, war room setup, demonstrative / graphic production, presentation software and hardware and video production. He is an expert on video / transcript synchronization, videoconferencing and media editing. 

Although Mr. Spear specializes in construction defect, patent litigation and personal injury cases, he has broad experience in all types of civil litigation trials.  

Mr. Spear was among the first in the country to hold a certificate as a Trial Presentation Professional through the NCRA, and is a Certified Legal Video Specialist. He is an expert in presentation software, including Powerpoint, Sanction, Trial Director and OnCue.

Steve Spear

Trial Consultant

With more than 16 years experience, and over 200 trials, Steve has the experience that counts in a courtroom.


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Spear Litigation Technology LLC specializes in all the technological aspects of going to trial, giving the attorneys the freedom they need to focus on their case.

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